There are a million ways you can waste money, but only a handful of good ideas in which you can actually save some.

Whenever something unexpected comes up, our hard earned money that we work so diligently to save goes right back out in circulation instead of staying in our bank accounts so I wanted to write an article where you could find a few easy ways to save more of your cash and learn a few ideas that can affect your conventional spending habits.

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In the past few years, credit has been quite the epidemic on the US and world economy.

From banks failing to people losing their jobs and not being able to pay their monthly expenses, knowing how to manage credit is a very important skill that people must learn.

Repairing your credit is another story and something that you must either learn to do on your own or hire a company to help you fix it.

Here are 7 free tips that will help you work with the 3 credit bureaus and all of your creditors to help improve your chances of getting that score up.

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credit report

Understanding what a credit score means can be really confusing. Even though that is a legitimate and straight forward question, sometimes the answer isn’t the same, but I will do my best to make things as easy as possible.

Simple Answer

A credit score determines how responsible you have been in handling your open credit accounts and debts. When you are applying for loans, it is very important that you keep your credit score in good standing because it shows that you are able to be responsible with your finances.

How Often Should You Check

As important as it is to know where you stand in terms of credit, you should ideally try and check it via a soft inquiry every 90 days or so. Not only will this keep you informed as to what is actually on your credit profile, but it will also help you identify an errors that you don’t recognize.

The sooner that you can spot an issue, the quicker you can fix it and avoid any possible potential harm later down the line.

Make sure to verify everything from your residential address to the balances on each account.

To Dispute or Not

In checking your credit, if you find something that you do not recognize, you need to know whether or not it is worth disputing.

Disputing something on your credit with the credit agencies will help you fix any errors in a reasonable time-frame since the creditors must oblige to your request within a specified amount of time.

Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

Getting a free copy of your credit report for your records is crucial in understanding what is on your credit profile.

You can either do this online and each year you are allowed to get a free copy.

By doing this, you can get a glimpse as to the breakdown of your financial profile and getting with a finance professional to review it is always advised in the event you do not know what everything means.

Where to Go From Here

By taking a few of these tips, hopefully it has helped you understand what a credit score is made up of.

You should always be looking for ways to improve your credit score, and the more you understand your financial picture, the faster you will be on the right track.